Frequently asked questions

We have a robust system in place for land acquisition through watertight due diligence to ensure that every project has a clear 50-years title and patta. Our pricing is competitive. We address the concern of many buyers in caretaking the property for 5 years after the purchase. We also have a division to assist you in selling your immovable property at a later date. We value hard-earned money of our esteemed customers in true letter and spirit. Thus, you can be confident about your investment in our properties.

We are legally strong in ensuring a watertight due diligence during a land acquisition process. We not only ensure that the land has 50-years of clear title and patta but also carry out a field verification to ascertain the originality of the documents and the property with VAO & SRO andconfirm if there are any litigations or unregistered encumbrance on the land by way of mortgage or claim. We also check if there is any Government proposal for land acquisition. We also check with local heads to understand the history of the land. Thus, we assure peace of mind to our customers when they buy a piece of land from us.

Unlike most property developers, when you buy an immovable property directly from us, we just add one layer of mark-up towards the administrative cost and the quality control processes that we undertake in a land acquisition process. We also prepare properties for a few turnkey Promoters who add another layer of mark-up to our cost. That pricing is significantly higher than what we do. Thus, you can be assured of our competitive pricing.

Tamil Nadu Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules, 2017 were framed based on the provisions of Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, which mandates a promoter to upload the details of the proposed project on the website of TNRERA, including details of registration, types of apartments or plots, list of approvals taken etc. TNRERA registered projects protects a buyer’s rights and investments in real estate.

CMDA stands for Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. CMDA was constituted as an ad-hoc body in 1972 and become statutory body in 1974 vide the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971.

CMDA is the principal agency that oversees and supervises the planning of Chennai city and the many districts that fall under its jurisdiction.The CMDA covers the entire Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA), which is essentially made up of three administrative districts – Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram. The total area is around 1189 of which 176 comes under the Chennai district.

Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) enacted Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 by repealing Town Planning Act 1920. The DTCP department has its jurisdiction over the entire Tamil Nadu except the area under the jurisdiction of Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA).It functions under the control of Housing & Urban Development Department (H&UD) of the Secretariat.

Approval for Layout up to 10 acres is accorded by the Local Planning Authority (LPA), a sub-committee of the DTCP. Approvals for Layout over 10 acres are sanctioned by the head office of the DTCP in Chennai. There is no adequate legal awareness among the general public with respect to Panchayat layouts. In fact, there is no terminology called ‘Panchayat Approval’ as only LPA’s and the DTCP have the authority to accord layout sanctions. The panchayat president of any panchayat does not have any power to sanction land layouts within that respective panchayat.

Yes, we provide pick and drop facility between your home and the project site. In most instances, we try to accompany our esteemed clients in a site visit.

A Person of India Origin (PIO) and a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can purchase an immovable property, other than agricultural land/ plantation property / farmhouse, in India but will have to comply with the rules listed in FEMA act issued by RBI.

Yes, you can buy an immovable property in the name of your child or in the name of your spouse and this won’t be considered as a benami transaction.

The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 prohibits a person from buying an immovable property in the name of third person except in the name of the spouse or in the name of the child or in the name of the Parents or as a joint property with one’s brother/ sister.

No, you cannot buy an immovable property in India with a foreign currency. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the Rules framed thereof, restricts a person of either Indian origin or a person of non-Indian origin to acquire an immovable property in India with a foreign currency.

For execution of the Sale Deed for a Plot / UDS, the Stamp Duty is 7% and the Registration Charge is 4%. For execution of the Construction Agreement, the Stamp Duty is 1% and the Registration Charge is 1%.

There is NO GST on the plot value or on the guideline value. However, some property developers charge development cost over and above guideline value towards the development of roads, parks. Such development cost attracts 18% GST.

We have tie-ups with some of the leading bankers and lenders in the industry. As our price points are incredibly attractive for buyers but lower ticket sizes for bank loans, traditional bankers are not good candidates. However, we have an excellent Strategic Relationship with Private Lenderswho understands the nature of our market and offers lending at attractive rates.

Based on the incomes shown in the income tax returns filing for last 3 years coupled with your CIBIL score, traditional bankers and private lenders extend loans for properties to non-salaried individuals.

Most property developers end their relationship as soon as the sale is completed. They also do NOT maintain the immovable property as was marketed during the project launch. We addressed this concern of the property buyers with our tensionless 5-years of caretaking. We also provide patta at your doorstep along with your property purchase without making our customer sweat in the government offices.

We started ABI Realtors Pvt Ltd in September 2007 to meet the growing demand from our customers in assisting them sell their properties.Our team of accomplished and committed professionals has helped more than 300 customers to date in selling their properties.

Yes, we have ABI Constructions Pvt Ltd, a separate division, which takes care of construction activities for an individual or a firm or a Company as per their needs.

Yes, we have ABI Enterprises, a separate division, to take care of such needs for the customers.

Please fill details in Partner with Us section. Alternatively, send your details to with more details.

Yes, you can refer your friends/ relatives by filling details in Refer & Earn section. On successful closure, depending on the sale value, we shall extend referral benefit as a cash voucher or as a kind as per Company policy.

We work on all days except Tuesday between 10 AM to 7 PM.