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Dr. S. Elango is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of ABI Estates, established on June 12, 2000. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and a core value of integrity, Dr. Elango deeply understands the significance of prudent investments, especially in real estate. To maintain the trust invested in ABI Estates, he has curated a robust legal team and implemented meticulous land acquisition processes, ensuring thorough due diligence at every stage. Dr. Elango's customer-centric approach includes providing compassionate after-sales service, leading to ABI Estates' outstanding reputation among property buyers in Chennai. With over 138 successful project launches covering more than 1.23 Crore square feet, ABI Estates has proudly served over 15,000+ satisfied customers and received recognition through 15+ prestigious awards. Dr. Elango continues to evolve ABI Estates to meet the evolving needs of property buyers, reflecting his enduring commitment to excellence.


Mr. Agni Kumar V is an accomplished leader with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. As the Associate Director at ABI Groups, he brings a wealth of expertise in finance, technology, marketing, and strategic planning. Agni's visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in driving innovation and achieving remarkable results. His strategic foresight and ability to navigate complex challenges make him a trusted authority in the industry. With a relentless passion for driving growth and sustainability, Agni is dedicated to shaping the future of ABI Groups and the real estate sector.


Mrs. Abinaya, a next-generation business leader, has been personally groomed by her father, Dr. S. Elango, to uphold the legacy and principles upon which ABI Estates was founded. Following her post-graduation, she assumed the role of Director in 2016, bringing forth innovative ideas to propel the company forward. Her strategic vision and diligent efforts have enabled ABI Estates to harness the potential of the digital space for brand enhancement. With her unwavering passion and professionalism, she is driving the company towards significant growth in both top-line and bottom-line performance.